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We all experience suffering and spend a lot of time losing sleep, energy, love and opportunities because of it.

This mini eCourse + 11-page eGuide is a perfect primer to help you understand the three roots of all suffering. Plus, you'll get weekly Zen inspiration, insight and journal prompts.

The 3 Roots of 


Who is this for?


This may help you to feel calmer and understand layers of panic.


You may feel a renewed sense of hope when you see the blocks.


This may help you see patterns that bring love toward you.


You might crave vitality; seek clarity to regaining energy.


I was left for dead after an assault in my twenties

I'm a therapist, mentor, coach, Zen-living advocate

--- and yes, a trauma survivor.

We might be on a different path but we are on the same journey. 

  • I am affiliated with and supported by Plum Village (founded by the late Thich Nhat Hanh) and lead a donation-based online sangha, Breathe, for them(and for us).
  • I have been initiated by the His Holiness, The Dalia Lama, in NYC/2012
  • I have training and certifications through Harvard Medical School, The Benson Henry Institute for Mind Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, The Cleveland Clinic, The American Psychological Association, and more; this is not an inclusive list. Although I am a licensed therapist, all of my work is under the umbrella of coaching, mentorship, and teaching.
  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, USA.

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I am sometimes asked by journalists to contribute to stories, features or programs on topics surrounding Buddhism, Psychotherapy or Interpersonal Relationships. Journalists may contact me at the button below. I'm also the creator of the Muddy Path Podcast.

Also, if you are seeking support, feel free to contact my office here as well.

Now, about you....

What is holding you back from happiness?

We think that we are the problem when we can't get over someone treating us poorly or having a traumatic experience. Those are normal responses. It shouldn't be a breeze to deal with toxicity! 

Blending strategies from transpersonal psychology and secular Zen Buddhism, we can embrace learning more about ourselves and tap into our potential. The goal isn't to simply heal, but to live a peace-filled, love-enveloped experience. Sounds great, right? But Now what?

How to go from suffering to vitality? 

If you feel like life has beaten you down, that you've lost motivation and feel overwhelmed, take these steps.


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Deep-dive into your psyche and soul with my signature course, The Lotus Life Lab, (offered 2x a year) complete with workbook & support.


Step 1. Discover How Understanding Suffering Actually Empowers You.

This complimentary eCourse & 11-page pdf is your first step in empowering recapturing your flame. The spark that helps you to stay motivated to create the life you desire, not simply live in reactivity to the trauma, stress, betrayal and neglect thrown at you. Travel the muddy path with me!


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Three Roots to All Suffering

Free eCourse & eGuide to Take the Mystery Out of All Suffering