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I teach a Zen approach that offers opportunities to increase feelings of contentment, resilience and focus in an uplifting way.


Individuals might suffer from anxiety, trauma, disordered eating, health struggles, childhood trauma and relationship struggles, including relationships that seem unsalvageable or romantic relationships where one partner has shut down emotionally. Having hope is a transformative resource to begin the healing process. There are many solutions available and unique views that might help you to release suffering and find contentment, joy and peace.


Couples can have a unique experience with a Zen approach in that the lens of Zen is always love. Couples will enjoy intimacy-building discussion prompts and activities, most of which are no to low cost endeavors as Zen is also frugal, minimalist and present-moment focused. Couples will also have opportunities to rewrite and combine money stories, as finances are a thorn for many relationships.  Coming to the beautiful metaphysical and transpersonal space of the specialness of your relationship can be incredibly healing.

Support Groups

My support group is a combines ancient wisdom and modern science for guided self-healing education, discussion and activities. This is a wonderful option for those who wish to explore their possibilities while releasing suffering. 


Programs that I offer are built upon Buddhist philosophy and are trauma-informed. They are mainly dedicated to those who wish to enrich though self-help strategies, at their own pace.

Hi, I'm Michele. Dharma name, Joyful Realization of the Source. I'm a therapist, mentor, coach, Zen-living advocate -- and more importantly, a trauma survivor.

  • Affiliated with and supported by Plum Village (founded by the late Thich Nhat Hanh) & lead a Sangha. 
  • Initiated by the His Holiness, The Dalia Lama, in NYC/2012
  • Training and certifications through Harvard Medical School, The Benson Henry Institute for Mind Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital....


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