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Whether it’s anxiety, a broken heart, or something else entirely, you don’t have to go through this alone anymore.

Most trauma or stress cycles back to a narcissist or self-serving person in your past or present. You can feel like there’s no hope or that there’s too much damage for you to feel better. There’s hope.
I’ll work with you one-on-one to find the best solution for your needs. Whether it’s video or telephone, I’ll create personalized strategies. Connect now and bring peace into your life again.


Featured Expert

I am often sought-out by the media to speak about current events or trends in psychotherapy, trauma recovery or finance therapy.
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Hypnotherapy offers a faster, affordable option that is a proven strategy to help bring solutions and change to otherwise uncomfortable situations.


Coaching is customized to fit nearly any situation and helps motivate and bring connection with goals and ongoing support for focus and results.


Meditation is an ancient practice with a solid scientific backing which offers a balance-centric experience to manage change and transformation.

Hypnotherapy, explained.

A study comparing hypnosis with traditional therapy found that 600 sessions of psychoanalysis yielded positive results in only 38% of subjects, whereas six sessions of hypnotherapy resulted in improvement for 93% of people!
Source: Barrios, Alfred A. “Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal,” Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Practice (1970)
Visualize an iceberg. Consciousness is only 5-10% of our experience above the surface. The rest of that 90-95% is in the subconscious, and includes our habits, emotions, motivations, deep-seated thought and behavioral patterns, and even nervous system functioning. Even our greatest gifts and power might be  dormant in the subconscious and the body, waiting to be tapped into. 
The subconsious is the most effective way to release pain and reveal transformation.

6 Keys to Trauma Healing (PDF) & Guided Meditation for Covid Isolation

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Address anxiety, calm stress, overcome irrational fear, address PTSD, ADHD, and  tackle past trauma. This is also a space to focus on weight loss, mindful eating, breaking habits and imrpoving sleep.  I might use skills from EMDR, Neuro/Biofeedback, art and bibliotherapy.


Appointments are scheduled no more than once a week and last up to one hour. After your first visit, you will receive a free recording to reinforce your success. After your first three sessions, you may schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and attend the free support group.


Romantic, family and business relationships are the core of our environment. Learn to manage difficult people, speak with charisma, gain confidence in uncomfortable situations and heal heartbreak. Also, learn to spot and deflect narcissists. 


I offer a vareity of confidential video and telephone sessions plans, from single session to discounted packages. Support group is complimentary for clients after three sessions.

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I suffered debilitating anxiety after an assault in my early twenties and know too well the feelings of anxiety and panic; I committed to sharing strategies to help others to overcome, as I did.

Licensed Psychotherapist

I am a licensed psychotherapist and have advanced certificates from Harvard Medical School. My specialties are trauma recovery and finance therapy. I believe everyone should experience emotional and fiscal health.

Social Justice

I work mainly with women and marginalized individuals, organizations and groups in struggle and advocate for mental health equality and medical access for all. I am an ally to the LGBTQ community. I spent years as an advocate for Title IX.

Other Areas of Interest

I am a HeartMath Clinician, certified in Radical Forgiveness, Clincial Medication Certified through Massachusetts General Hospital and a Yoga Alliance CEU provider. I’ve been a long-standing member of the American Psychological Association.


In 2013, after many years of practice, I was initiated by the Dalai Lama in NYC, however, I am affiliated with the Plum Village Sangha founded by Thich Naht Hahn. My professional practice is inspired  yet secular; all beliefs welcome.

Choose Your Healing Journey

After our consultation, you will have a better idea of which path you wish to follow.
Before scheduling, you will have access to the policy and privacy information.
Scheduling is affirmation of agreement.
Note that you will be getting email from “The Finance Therapist” as well as “Michele Paiva”.
For most people, the Package and Calbration-1 are good choices.
Feel free to contact me to discuss what might be best for you.  


Intensive Session. Includes intake questions, and after session plan for the next 15 days. You will be included in free weekly support email.



The Three Package Intensive includes intake questions and a 30-day after intensive plan. 
You will be included in free weekly support email.



After three intensives, you may begin a once-a-month session package. This includes optional support group and in-between session email support.



After three intensives, you may begin a twice-a-month session package that includes optional support group and in-between session email support.

Integrative|Therapy + Coaching


If you are interested in weekly sessions, I offer a discounted plan that includes up to (4) sessions per month, preferably on a weekly schedule. Before purchasing this plan, we need a consultation to make sure we are a fit, and written confirmation of offer to begin working together.