4 Ways to Feel Better Right Now.

When you are struggling, you don't want to waste time, energy or money waiting for appointments or the right fit. Sometimes you just need to feel better "right now". 

Honoring the present moment; present support.

Uncertainty, Fear, Anxiety, Anger, Confusion

Experiences like these are able to be transformed and can provide valuable insight and healing.

While I am all for mindfulness and peace, you'll find my style is direct, I have an "easy laugh" and sometimes drop colorful language. I am passionate about your rise above the struggles and challenges that you face. 

What to Expect

When you access the care kit, you'll receive four immediate benefits.

Mud and Lotus List

The mud and lotus checklist to help you decipher where you are in terms of stress and trauma.

Art therapy 

A small art rendering for you to dive into self-discovery where words may fail. 

A Video Lesson

What is your shame style? How can this help you heal? You'll find out in this short video lesson.

Mindful Prompts

Every month, you'll receive mindful prompts, brain-boosting vegan recipes, therapy strategies - plus updates.

"You can transform the seeds of suffering into a magic that is your empowered energy and truth"

Michele Paiva

Features include:

What Others Say


Michele Paiva has been an inspiration, a selfless confidant and extremely professional.  She has completely turned my life around, and the lives of so many others. She has given me the drive to live my life with a new approach and direction, has talked to me to show me that all things are possible and all goals are reachable.  A true inspiration.

Andrea Jones 

 / Crafter/Artisan


With Michele, you can learn to release what no longer serves you, and you can lock-in to your personal and wellness career purpose.
Michele brings an unconventional approach to business which helps you to learn about the concepts and framework for real career and business success. She is conversational and direct, down-to-Earth and approachable."

Jim Urbine

/ Radiology Engineer/CEO


Thank you so much. I'll get some of my clients to listen to you.. thank you for being so loving.

Love you..

G. Hearn

/ Coach/Therapist

No Mud No Lotus

Uncertainty, Fear, Anxiety, Anger, Confusion

Experiences like these are able to be transformed and can provide valuable insight and healing.

Michele Paiva

In my 30 years of experience in helping others through stress, anxiety and trauma, I've learned that for me, the most direct route to happiness for my clients, is a secular Buddhist-Informed practice. 

Some of my advanced training includes lifestyle and mindfulness, meditation and trauma recovery, through the Zur Institute, Harvard Medical School and the Benson Henry Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital. Also, I hold the highest levels of certification through the Yoga Alliance, and am an approved CEU provider. 

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