Dress for the energy you want to feel and exude.

I work from home, and have to be on camera quite a bit. I also have an antique booth in a converted barn and I visit regularly; add to the mix that I watch my grandson and transport him to and from preschool and then there's errands, quick visits with friends and neighbors, and unexpected outings.

I wanted to have a go-to outfit and this is it; great for a cozy night in or running errands. The sweater is long enough that you can wear it with leggings or french tuck it into jeans/slacks, or belted with a long straight skirt. 

First the sweater. It is soft, cozy and can be dressed up or down. What I love is the elegant vintage look without the fussiness, and the "grown up" ruffles, which as you know, ruffles can look very elementary or over-the-top if not done right

This is the color I purchased, but there are many colors. I found this one to be classic, neutral and matched most of my wardrobe.

Click the image or here, for the link.

Then, I purchased these ballet flats to go with it. They are great for errands and give a little zip to a casual outfit and I don't have to sacrifice comfort. 

...and then I added these thin dress socks which I wear when the weather is particularly damp. (normally I'm in bare feet in my ballet flats)

Now, I can even put one of my layering turtlenecks under the sweater and it will carry me into the colder months, and the shoes can go into any season. 

What are your go-to outfits for fall?

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