A 21-Day Art-Immersion

The Lotus Life Lab

A virtual Retreat

Think of this as a virtual retreat for your heart, body and creative spirit.



Trauma is often invisible

Traumatic experiences and relationships often carry invisible wounds. These wounds show up in your life in ways that you might not realize, such as feeling like you are an "anxious" person or not getting the love or respect you desire in your relationship. You might feel not good enough, or unworthy. 

Sometimes, dialogue is not the only -or best- way to communicate or heal.

Through gentle meditative creativity, let's address your suffering.

Days 1-7

Understand and uncover first layer of suffering and explore foundational elements of Zen practices.

Days 8-14
Uncovering deeper layers this week, you learn to disengage from the suffering and release pain.
Days 15-21

This week we develop a plan that includes continued healing, happiness, support and empowerment that instills daily hope and healing.

What is a Hybrid Program?

This program includes:

  • prerecorded audio/visual lessons 
  • text lesson plans
  • face-to-face virtual sessions. 

Don't worry if you can't make the live sessions, you will get a replay. 

Why is this offered only two times per year?

This program is designed to address the two times of year my clients have most requested support. The program is very intensive while being joyful and enriching. October & March

The Lotus Life

The lotus draws its vitality from the murky water which is its life source; symbolic of our suffering and healing process. Through this archetype, we can draw upon both zen and self-healing strategies for powerful self-inquiry and transformation.

Common Trauma Layers We Will Explore

Layer One | Overt

Overt and obvious traumas are those you often think are "the problem", and while they might contribute, there's often more beneath the surface.

Examples include; a rocky relationship, having anxiety attacks or feeling unworthy.

Layer Two | Covert

Covert or subtle traumas might not seem as critical, often accumulate and go unnoticed for years, chipping away at your sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Examples include; an emotional manipulating family member, controlling parents or partner or romantic neglect.

Layer Three | Hidden

Hidden trauma might be overt or covert, but you are unaware or have only glimpses of memory or hunches, which may or may not be accurate. These create coping strategies that you feel are part of your organic personality.

Examples might include; early abuse or neglect, observing abuse or neglect.

The Lotus Life | Lab

What is in the lab?


Module 1: The Suffering Audit

  • Audio Lesson
  •  Zoom Audio/Visual Growth Session Q&A and Sharing 
  • Art Implementation Meeting
  • PDF Downloadable Worksheets
  • Audio Meditation
  • Lotus Art Project


Module 2: The Dream Identifier

  • Audio Lesson
  • Zoom Audio/Visual Growth Session, Q&A and Sharing
  • Art Implementation Meeting
  • PDF Downloadable Worksheets
  • Audio Meditation
  • Bodhi Tree Project


Module 3: The Lotus Blueprint

  • Audio Lesson
  • Zoom Audio/Visual Growth Session, Q&A and Sharing
  • Art Implementation Meeting
  • PDF Downloadable Worksheets
  • Audio Meditation
  • Bamboo Grove Project


Prepare for a zen practice that supports healing, while we create a Lotus to symbolize our growth. Symbol: Growth


Honoring the community and the self within the community, creating calligraphy through meaningful movement. Symbol: Resilience


Exploring the self through the art that captures the meaning of the Bodhi Tree. Symbol: Peace



Created by a therapist, Zen Sangha Leader & Trauma Survivor

Michele Paiva, holds 30-years experience and pulls back the curtain on the science and insights from the therapy room. She teaches clients how to gather skills of an ancient Zen Buddhist and apply these skills to a modern lifestyle. As a trauma survivor, she understands the healing journey not only as a professional but personally as well.

Base Program & Optional Bonus Material

Healing doesn't have to be tedious; it should be immersive and illuminating.to foster love, hope and joy.

Sessions for healing and recovery can be expensive, time-consuming and leave you feeling like are on a hamster wheel, going nowhere fast.

This program is designed with 30 years of experience and science backing it up, getting you to uncover your blocks to move gently but swiftly, into healing.

In addition to our program, there is bonus material to nurture you with options.

If you spent 21 days with a therapist or coach, you'd spend about $3,150. 

If you decided to attend 21 support group sessions or group coaching sessions, that would run you over $1000.  

The art projects alone, even if you were strictly painting with no inner-exploration, would cost you at least $49 each. 

This program provides three times the integrative educational approach at a fraction of the cost.

Program Overview & Bonus Material

This hybrid program is only offered in October and March

When you sign up, you will be registered for the next available program.

Register Now for The March Lab

Base Program:

  • 21-Day Hybrid Program
  •  Insights from the Therapy Room
  • Zen Buddhist Philosophy
  • Emotional Release & Relief
  • Weekly Video or Audio Lessons
  • Growth Sessions (Live with replay)
  • PDF Downloadable Worksheets

The Lotus Life Lab




Held only three times per year.

3 Easy Pay Options

Pay in Full, $300


or 3x $103 

3x $50

or, 6x $60

6x $25

Bonus Material

  • Downloadable Meditations
  • Therapeutic-Inspired Zen Art Projects
  • A Complimentary 1:1 Consultation Call
  • Plant-Based Starter Pack PDF for Wellbeing from my partner, PETA
  • Skincare DIY Recipes for Self-Care and a Discount starter pack from my partner, Annmarie Skincare
  • Seasonal Bonus Art Theme


Do I have to be Buddhist?

No, you do not have to be Buddhist nor is this a program that is designed to attempt to convert you to Buddhism. It is simply inspired by Buddhism philosophy, which does not contradict any of the main teachings of any of the most popular religions. 


Why is art included in the program?

Art therapy is a scientifically proven and distinct discipline that incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media.In this program there is a therapeutic art component that draws from art therapy and embodies Zen art as a way of expression. 


What does "Secular" mean in relation to this program?

Buddhism is both a religion and a secular practice; I enjoy both but in my work, it is strictly secular. My donation-based Sangha is religious. So, the secular aspect means that there is no focus on the religious aspect and it is inclusive to any religion or lack of religion; one not even need to be spiritual or a believer of anything ethereal to benefit from this program.

There is no worship, savior or proclamation in this program.


Is this a therapy replacement?

While there are many who prefer this to therapy or use this in addition to therapy, this is not meant to replace your already engaged therapy practice nor stand in the way of your healthcare. If you feel overwhelmed, suicidal or in danger, you need to contact your nearest hospital, mental health professional or domestic violence center to get the critical support you need. 


What if I am not talented in art?

This is not about talent or skill; you will be very pleasantly surprised at how beautiful your art represents your inner-world and reconnects you to your purpose, truth, calm and hope.


Will I learn meditation?

Yes, you will learn real-world meditation strategies that help you on your specific journey during our 21-day program together.  You'll have time to practice with me or ask questions.


You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If after seven days you are not fully satisfied you can write me and request a full refund.