Before the broadcast Make sure you have the following *Note that I will not be reading bios per se but using bio and other information sent to me to create

Prosper through Change: How to Flourish during Uncertain Times I will be joining twenty professionals and speaking on the neuroscience of financial abuse and how to recover from financial trauma,

Valentine’s Day. The weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day are usually pretty busy for me; not unlike the pressures of other winter holidays, Valentine’s Day brings a host of stresses

Are you struggling in your marriage? Strategies for restoring love and intimacy with this guide to couples therapy. ArticleWhen the love starts to fade in your marriage, it cannot be

Connect and heal with others. Has something traumatic happened to you? Talk with people going through the same thing and find help and healing. Connect and Heal Are you looking

Buddhist-Style Therapy and Its Benefits. Discover how Buddhist-style therapy principles can be used to gain insight and cultivate mindfulness and its many benefits on mental health, including improving emotional regulation

Avoid perfectionism tendencies and long hours of burnout by following my quick guide to balancing work with mental and physical well-being. Perfectionism is the path to being a workaholic. Striving

Online Support Group Benefits for Trauma Recovery If you are looking for a supportive, safe environment to help you process your experiences, Mind Your Mud online support group is the

How do you know if you should let go? 1. Does it drain you? If you're finding yourself feeling exhausted in energy after doing this activity, seeing this person or

The winter of our healing. We look inward more naturally in winter; we have more time to reflect how holidays make us feel or behave. Do we self-sabotage? Spend too