5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over|Can It Be Saved? Are you having trouble knowing when a relationship has run its course? Read on to discover the signs that your relationship

Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley’s financial anxiety has plagued them for years, and their conviction might have been the best thing to happen to them emotionally. In addition to being

When we heal from trauma, we gain strength and courage to face our fears. Quotes are like miniature life lessons; we read them because they are concise, express wisdom, and awaken

Taylor Swifts new song, Anti-Hero- strikes a cord. Her newest album, Midnights as a homage to her suffering. Considering that for the first time in history, one artist dominated the

In Buddhist philosophy, hypnosis is considered a form of meditation. The practice of mindfulness has been shown to improve mood and reduce stress in people suffering from anxiety disorders. It

Meditation for sleep? Can’t Sleep? Meditation for Insomnia – How To Stop Worrying About Sleeping and Get Rest. *I have a free video for you with eight hours of sleep

People think that chemistry between two new romantic partners is needed to start a relationship. But having chemistry is often just lust or might be mirroring. Often, these relationships ended

Narcissist and Money Series Are Narcissists good with money? Yes and no. Like anyone else, there are narcissists that are great with money and those who struggle. The difference is

How to get the most out of therapy? Be a good client and find a therapist you mesh with well. Easier said than done! There's a lot of talk about

It is easy to feel invisible or not good enough in a relationship that has turned a bit tepid. This exercise is meant to help you warm souls and maybe