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Anonymous Survey Please help me to answer your most intimate questions and address the sensitive topics you might not reveal easily, openly. This anonymous survey will help me to create content based on your needs and, help men get much-needed insight into women’s desires and needs. Click the text below, to take the survey –…
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Why #Harry and #Meghan, the #royalrebels, Struck A Chord in the World.

If you look at any media today, and I assume, for the next few days, you’ll see the buzz about Harry and Meghan stepping down from their posts as senior members of the royal family. This is big news. In the world today, we have conflicts in politics and among countries, devastating plane crashes and…
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Sneaky Ways That the Narcissist Get’s In Your Head

Mind games that the narcissist uses to manipulate, triangulate and otherwise, create havoc. Therefore, In this video, I explain some of the tactics that they use to manipulate you. Partial Excerpts: We’re going to talk about the five different elements, in a nutshell, the five sneaky ways that the narcissist gets in your head. I…
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