The Finance Therapist

Be a Contributor|Upcoming Book

I have a book coming out soon and am putting the final touches on it. The book explores COVID’s relationship with the economy and behavior. This short survey is anonymous but the last question (of just seven) includes a space for you to put your name, company and title (no websites will be included, please…
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Narcissists, Control, Money and Financial Abuse

In the title of this blog, I pretty much summed up the answer as well as the problem. Narcissists love money because they feel it gives them control; they especially like your money or your lack of money so that they can more easily control, and they are big on financial abuse. Narcissists are manipulating…
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Why are narcissists attracted to me?

Narcissists are attracted to anyone who might give them energy. ANYONE. They often have a few people they are gleaning attention from, so it isn’t so much that they are attracted to you, they just want to collect people to get their energy, not to have a (meaningful) relationship with. This is a problem, because…
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Why are narcissists insecure?

This is a short blog to give a quick answer on why the narcissist is insecure. At their worst, they have no sense of self and glean identity and esteem at the sacrifice of others. They see others as competition and thus, are always feeling less-than or a need to one-up the other. At their…
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Why are narcissists so mean?

They are mean because that is how they are made up, ie, developed and molded, their way to control, their way to manipulate and hold someone back, their way to achieve stolen recognition, their way to simply fill them up.

How to Choose a Finance Therapist

Can a finance therapist be your financial advisor? No. Anyone in the financial industry is crossing boundaries and behaving unethically, representing themselves as a therapist.

What does a financial therapist do?

While you might think money issues are about money itself, it seldom is. I understand that on the surface, it feels common sense. Maybe you overspend on a credit card, or you’ve overextended your bills or you save and are fine financially but you are told by friends that you are a workaholic. Maybe you define yourself by the purse you have or the car you drive. These are the results, not the root causes.

The #1 Way to Cope with COVID-Related Spending

Firs ,realize that having debt isn’t a personal failing. Our economy is actually set up to lure you to purchase way over your head.

Cooling the Flames of Anxiety and Anger During COVID.

We are in trauma, stress, anxiety and depression, as a globe.

However, this distancing and even in isolation; we are able to look deeply within ourselves.

Bliss & Smoothie Recipe

Here’s your dose of weekly bliss… First, tonight if you toss and turn, watch THIS. ( ) it’s all about anxiety, panic, anger and why it makes us wide awake, have issues falling asleep or, make us toss and turn and look like a zombie the next morning. If you are up to a…
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