Let’s Talk.

Anonymous Survey Please help me to answer your most intimate questions and address the sensitive topics you might not reveal easily, openly. This anonymous survey will help me to create content based on your needs and, help men get much-needed insight into women’s desires and needs. Click the text below, to take the survey –…
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Cooling the Flames of Anxiety and Anger During COVID.

We are in trauma, stress, anxiety and depression, as a globe.

However, this distancing and even in isolation; we are able to look deeply within ourselves.

Bliss & Smoothie Recipe

Here’s your dose of weekly bliss… First, tonight if you toss and turn, watch THIS. ( ) it’s all about anxiety, panic, anger and why it makes us wide awake, have issues falling asleep or, make us toss and turn and look like a zombie the next morning. If you are up to a…
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Forgiveness Worksheet

Print this. page or simply write the answers in your notebook or notes section of your phone. The first part you write what you lack.. My (lack of trust, lack of caring about your selfishness, my lack of connection to my family because of you….) The things I need to forgive you for: (make a…
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Stir Crazy Cure. 70% Off prAna

Don’t forget to use the code LOUNGE70 70% Off Women’s Cozy Work From Home Favorites + Free Shipping! Use code LOUNGE70 Stir Crazy? Need to get moving? Want to look good social distancing but still be “cozy at home comfortable”? I’ve got your back. prAna is offering 70% off until June 15th on selected items,…
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Take Your Skin Out of Isolation

Lately, our focus has been on the topic of “health” and we’ve been isolating, in lockdown, in STRESS. True beauty is really all about health. It’s all about radiant health. All of that stress has been creating a lack of vitality, hell, just scrolling Facebook these days can zap your energy! Think about it. The…
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My Neurodiverse Minimalism Journey|Less is more

This post was written from the context of describing my video on YouTube. Most minimalists that I see on Youtube are: Under 40 and have no children Have very young children. Most haven’t lived long enough to accumulate much, and for many, my guess is that budget is dictating their lifestyle (or at least originally…
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Fire Drill Friday

Weekly, I attempt to create some content, be it a blog, video or podcast, to join in to Fire Drill Friday’s mission, to create change for the environment. This is inclusive; you don’t have to feel that Greta Thunberg is the end all, you don’t have to be a Jane Fonda fan (but I hope…
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Case Studies & Cocktails|May 2020|Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired

Case Studies & Cocktails is the mindful mingle “happy” hour for your body, mind, and spirit. We learn through art and music therapy, beauty, and even recipes. Look over the notes and then view the video. Additional learning, below. Notes & Reference Points of Video (below) Marilyn Monroe Pin-ups 1950’s housewives Waiting for the right…
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Why #Harry and #Meghan, the #royalrebels, Struck A Chord in the World.

If you look at any media today, and I assume, for the next few days, you’ll see the buzz about Harry and Meghan stepping down from their posts as senior members of the royal family. This is big news. In the world today, we have conflicts in politics and among countries, devastating plane crashes and…
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