CBD Oils are Not Equal. Is Yours Toxic?

While conversational, I prepped for this show by combing through research and double-blind studies. Even though I’ve used the product in the past for my skincare and my husband uses it for minor aches and pains, I haven’t been vocal about it and when Premium Jane was going to sponsor, I wanted to really bring you a quality program about the topic.

BUBBLE WRAP with Michele Paiva /February 16, 2021

First, I absolutely love the research and advances on CBD products and I especially trust Premium Jane. If you’d like to try them out, use code PAIVA for 20% off, at www.PremiumJane.com

While they sponsored the program, this is not an affiliate link; simply go and take advantage of my code, PAIVA (they invite you to!).

Also of note, while they did sponsor the program, I am giving my unbiased opinion, but do note, I have purchased their products and use them.

My favorites: The strawberry gummies and the rejuvenating skin cream!