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Could Suffering  

Create Deeper

 loving living?

How Alleviating Suffering Brings Joy

We all know that ditching the feelings and experiences that accompany suffering bring relief, but how does that happen and is there a benefit? Could you potentially turn your emotional pain into deeper pleasure?

Inner World

How we view ourselves and how we show up in the world.

External World

Shapes our decisions in every part of our lives.

Healing Path

Once we understand suffering, we can minimize the power it holds.

What you might call "broken or flawed" is just a normal response to a broken or flawed, relationship or experience.

How often have you pushed your feelings down

How often have you tried to explain the pain away?

Does this sound like you?

I have heard thousands of women say that they feel like they should just "get over" a trauma or despondently exclaim that "no relationship is perfect" as a way to discredit their own pain. They've settled for their child abuse when they've said things like "well, I was not an easy child" or "In that era, everyone was treated like that;  it was normal back then". Does any of this resonate with you?

I know you feel shame & Pain

I know this because most women I've spoken to (and men) have these feelings about at least one of their relationships, situations or memories.

We are all Statistics

We are all statistics of the life experience of suffering. We can be beacons of light and healing as well.

Along with your free PDF (at red button) I've developed a program you might like.

(with a "welcome" discount)


Increase in stress in the last five years (so almost 100%!)


Women who report current trauma in their life.


Women who report childhood trauma.

Women and Stress

These are just a few statistics. Stress and suffering, statistically, affects more than half of all women, and that is just those who have reported their entire trauma history. More than likely, if you are reading this and you haven't reported your trauma history, then you can probably hypothesize that you are not the only one. I feel most women have had trauma, suffer from PTSD and are currently in high conflict or high stress situations.

Tips to Reduce Suffering

This is easier said than done, but here is a starting point.

Know your truth. There is truth under the trauma and Stress.

Surround Yourself With People That Support Who You Are.

Find Ways to Incorporate Growth Opportunities Daily.

If you'd like extra support, I have a program here for you with "welcome" pricing.

A Zen Life

Program|A Zen Life

While your Roots of Suffering free eGuide will help you understand 

your trauma and stress more deeply, this program is the next step.

You will receive a planner and tools to create more peace, stress-reduction,

 open to move love (especially self-love) in this 12-month program.

Just in case you were worried - It's definitely not too tedious;

the idea is to help you make more time and peace

in your life, not overwhelm you! Here's what you'll get.

Everything is energy. Suffering, hate, sadness and anger are all energy and so is healing, peace, joy and love.

We know that scientifically energy does not die, but it does change form; so through my work I've realized and proven that the energy of suffering can be transformed into whatever you desire. Here's a little about this program that gives you a self-help and economical way to explore this healing process & what you'll get.

Your SElf-Healing Planner

Your 12-month planner sets you up for success. It is created to help you track your successes and assess the blind spots to help you reach your goals, faster.

A Multi-media Course

The course is a combination of audio, visual and written curated and never-seen before content gleaned from years helping stressed individuals find inner-peace.

Monthly Themes

Every month I will introduce a different themes for self-inquiry and healing, and offer examples for different life situations to make it easier for you to apply self-healing.

Ease Anxiety and Stress

I'll guide you in an organized system, through what medical science has proven over and over, that a life that is supportive of meditation and other Zen approaches benefits patients.

Get Focused & Get the Life You Desire

A deeper understanding of clarity and organization can lead to more success in work, love and life. 

Reduce Inflammation, Improve Health

I will introduce to you the techniques are proven to help sufferers of pain, inflammation and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Your Welcome Pricing (this is (Under construction) on my site

A ZEN LIFE Year-Long Program + PDF Downloadable Planner

  • Downloadable PDF- Self-Healing Planner  (you can use the planner as a guide and use a notebook as well)
  • Three Buildable Modules to take you through the process
  • Monthly Themes to encourage growth
  • The content is yours forever
  • Begin Immediately

One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 1 video lesson



One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Personalised Training



Here’s what people are saying

"A Wash of Good Feelings"

"I have been battling self-hatred/mockery since I was 10 (now 33) due to being told that I was hopeless and helpless by an ex step mom who hated my guts. I felt a wash good feelings after this."

Sara M.
"Turned My Life Around"

"I completely turned my life around, and the lives of so many others. She has given me the drive to live my life with a new approach and direction."

Andrea J.
"Anxiety Dropped Immediately"

"Absolutely loved this and the stress and anxiety dropped immediately. Thank you so much for sharing this. I plan on sharing it."

Cindy O.

Program Overview

Twelve lessons, Three modules.

All of the lessons, from month one, are customizable to help you self-heal in any area that you struggle.

Address  Love Struggles, Confidence, Past Trauma, Neglect, Betrayal and other challenges

While Learning Zen Lifestyle Tips to Easily Integrate into Your life.


Module 1: Release

  • Attachment to our trauma, our sabotaging habits or some toxic relationship in our lives cause/caused much suffering; we address these here.
  • We will use guided relaxation, art, poetry and self-inquiry explore our past and present lives. 
  • Benefits include immediate comfort with trauma-informed mindfulness and stress-reduction infused meditation practices, why they work, and how to begin to introduce them into you life. 

Months 1-4


Module 2: Clarity

  • These lessons will focus on seeing a clear path forward and developing deeper skills
  • These lessons will begin to focus on analytical skill-building, interpersonal relationship strengtheners, and enhanced journaling practices.
  • Benefits include increased ease in managing life experiences,  unleashing creative spirit and experiencing deeper connection to your truth.

Months 5--8


Module 3: Connection

  •  With deeper connection comes deeper ability to love, forgive and live; these are the topics of these modules.
  • These lesson help you to explore getting the life you desire as you have already unearthed more emotional strength from in previous lessons.
  • These lessons bring deeper meditations and a focus on allowing you to sink into enjoying newfound feelings; making peace with yourself. 

Months 9-12

Want to learn more about A Zen Life program?

This program is all about healing

You might not be ready emotionally or financially to jump into something more weighty, so this is a perfect bridge to self-healing. It allows you to plan for inner-peace, with program themes and, my weekly offerings.

Simple, effective and enjoyable

This course is created with peace in mind; it honors your time and doesn't push too hard while gently challenging you with enjoyable activities.

Note: This program is built to allow you to join free events and content that I offer and you can add them to your healing journey with ease.

I can't wait to meet you.

I'm Michele, and I'm excited to share my personal and professional experiences spanning being a trauma survivor, my insight as a therapist, being initiated by the Dalai Lama in 2013, to leading a Sangha for the late Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village; I want you to experience self-healing as I have.

I used to manage my trauma ineffectively, and suffering greatly because of it. If I can help you to lift the burden on heart and soul,  you'll be helping me live my life purpose.

The fee of just one therapy session

Our mental health system is broken.

While we have more therapists than ever, more well-meaning non-profits, awareness programs flooding social networking and support systems set up in schools and workplaces and it becomes just background noise.

There's one other disturbing trend.

Higher rates of anxiety, depression, divorce, suicide and everything in between. 

Obviously, it's not working.

If you saw a quality therapist  that would cost about $2740 a year. 

A Buddhist retreat involves travel costs and it might be a week or two at best. Not nearly long enough for meaningful transformation.

No one should be left with only a broken system, a lack of time or resources to get support.

This program provides a solution that offers you a year of self-inquiry and healing while costing only the fee of one therapy session.

A Zen Life

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you are not happy with this course, then write me

within a week of purchase for a full refund. 

If you have questions while in the course just hit reply to any email and I am here for you!