Covid Trauma Healing



Feelings of Isolation.

Mourning the Past.

Lost Hope for the Future.

Stressed Relationships.

Changes in Health or Income.

We are all in trauma.

Begin self-healing today.

Trauma changes our brains in negative ways.

Regardless of where you sit on politics, science or the polarization of COVID, we are all in trauma.

 I developed this book and course as a support to help individuals to help themselves since mental health support for many is limited, and for therapists, coaches and teachers to better equip their patients, clients and students.

Book + Course + Coaching Option

Trauma changes our brains. The good news,
is that the changes do not have to be permanent.


51-page eBook with 24 insightful prompts to help you to better understand where you are in your stress, and how to self-heal.


Weekly eSupport that ranges from inspiration to strategies to help you overcome stress, isolation and to address timely struggles and sitatuions.


A 21-Day eCourse to help you more deeply navigate the healing process. Always feel free to hit "reply" and know I'm an email away.


Optional opportunity to be a COVID Trauma facilitator to help your community through ongoing training and support materials.

People Need You

If you are interested in making a difference in your community, school, or workplace, the facilitator training gives you the support and tools to succeed


If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, to help others, you will receive:

  1. Monthly training
  2. Monthly Handouts or Session Plans
  3. Free first-year access to the launching COVID Trauma Healing Association

Email to inquire about prerequisites and the training program.

The COVID Trauma Healing Association

Launching in December of 2020, the COVID Trauma Healing Association was created with a mission to raise awareness about the dangers of COVID Trauma and Mental Health, we address trauma and stress related to all phases of COVID-19, and create a network of healing professionals that provide services and solutions.

You are not alone

The first step to self-healing

Interview or collaboration ideas?