Feel Happy Again

Are you tired of feeling unhappy?

Maybe, you just want to feel less stressed?

I have a free mini eCourse for you.

Benefits of this complimentary eCourse

In this short eCourse, we explore the roots of suffering and why happiness has been a struggle for you, through the lens of Zen Buddhism with strategies from Transpersonal Psychology. A true blend of ancient wisdom and modern for your self-healing journey.

Easy to Follow Modules

Three short modules to help you to more deeply understand your suffering and how it relates to your path to happiness.

Free 11-page eGuide

Feel more empowered once you understand how suffering takes hold (and how to release) in this 11-page pdf eGuide 

Weekly Doses of Zen

 I do not leave you hanging. You will begin receiving weekly emails, with a short zen lesson, sharing moment or prompt for you to explore your self-healing.

Certificate of Completion

You will learn why this is so important; you have been suffering and now you need to begin celebrating self-healing.

Here's What's Inside

How Alleviating Suffering Brings Joy

Three worlds


Are You Feeling Broken or Flawed?

Incorporating Happiness

In Closing

Thank you