Turn Mindful Moments into Memories

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Observation is a cornerstone of Mindfulness

Explore the gallery of photos that represent just some
techniques and edits you can learn in the program.

I have partnered with the iPhone Photography School because I noticed, as a student, that the teachings and assignments were incredibly mindfulness-based. 

Now, they didn't set out to do that/

I think they just wanted to be able to take iPhone photos from good to great, and teach you how to really make the most of your iPhone camera while teaching you impressive techniques. 

They are not new; they've had ten years of perfecting the course and over 200,000 students.  They are the leader in mobile photography education. Emil is an esteemed teacher and he is a steady rock of peace. 

They will inspire, educate and entertain you.

Meanwhile, I'm going to be adding mindful prompts to the weekly newsletter for anyone who wants to add creativity and photography their meditative process. This way, you can take this course and learn - even if you are a beginner- no previous experience is required- and you can dive deep into your inner-psyche. 

This program for iPhone users helps you turn mindful moments into memories.

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