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If you are over 18, you are invited to the free outreach program, The Weekend Dose of Happy, where you’ll get:

  • Timely inspiration every weekend
  • Opportunities to collaborate & spark your creative fire.
  • Experience cathartic healing through book, movie, and music study.

All optional & self-care focused. It’s like a weekend date with yourself.

Click HERE for free, weekly inspiration.

Sometimes, you want to just hear someone affirm that you are not going crazy and that you deserve more in life.

I’ve created 400+ (and counting) videos for you to binge while you wait for our appointment or your weekly e-support.

Click HERE to subscribe and begin watching the free videos.

I offer a 1:1 traditional session option and my mentorship option.

The 1:1 is what most people expect 45 minutes each, $189 per session, more traditional strategies.

The mentorship program offers strategies ranging from therapeutic, the arts, coaching and from areas of my life where I gained much wisdom, such as my initiation from the Dalai Lama and my Buddhist-informed and scientifically supported insight. 

The mentorship program is a 6-week option, also quite cost effective,  for individuals living anywhere,  who are interested in a short commitment that is intensive and solution-based. I only allow up (6) attendees in this program at any one time and prospective clients must fill out a form and be accepted into the mentorship.

The program includes:

  • Weekly 25 Minute Sessions
  • A weekly email exchange to further discuss challenges and struggles.
  • Weekly lessons
  • Weekly weekend  self-care suggestions
  •  Opportunity to continue if accepted. Current clients are always given first choice and the right to refuse space for the next month.

The cost for the mentorship program is $279 in full. 

For both of these options, you need to be accepted as a client. 


No Traffic, no hassles, no cooties.

Aside from the many safety issues that COVID has brought, you might simply be busy, or juggling work-home life. Maybe you can’t break away to drive to a session- or you just don’t want to. 

Teletherapy puts support at your fingertips. 

It’s simple, convenient, flexible, cost efficient and safe.

While this form of working is new to many therapists, I’ve had a blended practice and enjoyed teletherapy since 2013, and coaching internationally, long before. My office is actually set up specifically for video and confidential phone communications. 

If you are interested, contact me here to discuss your options.

One of my specializations is Finance Therapy; helping individuals to see their gifts to be more successful and learn to rewrite their “money story”.  Finances are a very personal experience in many ways, and feeling or behaving in ways that sabotage your success can result in shame, blame, denial, self-loathing and a spiral downward. 

Alternatively, there are habits, situations and experiences like anxiety or depression, betrayal and past abuse, that can alter how you see finances and ultimately, your finances may suffer. 

Feel free to have a free consultation with me to explore how. I might help you.

Listen, yes, COVID was wreaked havoc on all of us, but there are ways we can move through this trauma or vicarious trauma, (and we all have some level of these traumas from COVID), to create a more positive, silver-lining-esque life in the midst of this craziness.

I have a short book you can move through to help you to manage your stress symptoms that are a result of COVID. 

From time to time, I partner with organizations that I align with.

If you are interested in collaborating or working together on a corporate level, lease fill out the form on THIS page.

You may also use the form below or email me at

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