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Michele Paiva


The Muddyfesto

My Muddyfesto is a tongue-in-cheek way to express my philosophy and I hope it resonates with you. I know that healing can be a tough road; you’ve been through so much already. That journey, as stressful as it’s been, has made you someone who has overcome. The fact that you are here now, signifies that you might benefit from enrichment, healing and personal growth and transformation, in a way that aligns with the Muddyfesto.

The foundation and symbolism:


“Mud” is a fertile space where particles of nourishment and water can collaborate to support life. It’s the very essence of what a lotus, and many other life forms, including you, need to thrive.


The etymology of “manifesto” actually is to clearly make public. I don’t think challenges are always clear and I certainly don’t need you making your inner-struggles public. So, the Muddyfesto was born; it is our murky, personal declaration to ourselves.  A muddy mantra, if you will. 


Think of yourself as a Deva (pronounced “DAY-vuh”, not to be confused with Diva). Deva is a Sanskrit word and it is found in both Hinduism and Buddhism; in Buddhism the term means radiant and can signify that someone embodies celestial or god-like qualities. It’s an empowering word.

The Muddyfesto then is an intimate commitment to honor our struggles and embrace our radiance.

  1. Muddy Deva understands that trauma isn’t their fault.
  2. Muddy Devas strive for inner-peace.
  3. Muddy Devas are ready to address suffering.
  4. Muddy Devas are done with being silenced.
  5. Muddy Devas don’t chase relationships.
  6. Muddy Devas learn to command their trauma and stress.
  7. Muddy Devas conduct themselves with self-respect and dignity, even though in the past others might not have treated them with respect or dignity.
  8. Muddy Devas have collect an arsenal of functional resources and tools to joyfully heal and recover.
  9. Muddy Devas unapologetically empower themselves through peaceful practices and uninhibited healing.

Want a reminder for your fridge, desk or night table? Click if the button for a downloadable pdf Muddyfesto 

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