Over the years, we’ve experienced traumatic events that we sometimes choose to forget, and we use coping strategies to bury them. People would tell you to move on and let go during these times, but this isn’t the correct way to get through your past. In this episode of The Muddy Path podcast, we will talk about accepting your past to be at peace with your present and discovering your true self.

Let It Go


When they say to let it go, it means you hold onto something that you shouldn’t have, and it's your choice to hold onto it. It's your fault. This shows that you have a weakness. It seems harsh when someone says you need to let go because they tell the other person to forget about it and move on.

Coping Strategy


Holding on to something is a type of coping strategy. To stop relying on a coping strategy, it needs to go through the process of acknowledgment and release. You have to acknowledge the existence of your coping strategy to release them. You must understand what happened in the past made you hold onto your coping strategy.


There are instances when you don’t need your coping mechanisms, but keeping them has become a habit.

Denial of the Past


If you don’t acknowledge the past, you will keep repeating the same thing. You shouldn’t deny them so you can overcome and recover from them. Although, as time goes by, we tend to forget what happened. But at the start, you will encounter difficulties.

It is a part of you


There are three ways you can do to release the past. The first one is to accept that it will always be a part of you. You can never change the past. For example, the trauma from a past relationship affected you so greatly that you never wanted to trust anyone again. You have taken out the part of yourself where you trust people, which has become your coping strategy. Instead of doing this, you should accept that this happening in your life will always be a part of you.



The second thing in releasing the past is focusing on being peaceful rather than strong. Society has made people think they should always look strong, so people focus on being strong rather than finding peace. You don’t always need to be strong. You should focus on finding peace within yourself and accepting what happened to overcome it.

Understanding Who We Are


To have peace and harmony, you should know who you are. You should discover your true self. Take a look at yourself all these years. Look back on your past. Your past defines you; it is what makes you who you are today. Your past serves as your life lessons that will shape who you are. In order to let go of your past, you must be able to find peace with it. Don’t let it control you, be free.



Don’t let it go. Instead, be at peace and harmony. Your coping strategies are there to protect you, but that doesn’t mean they are right. You should focus on accepting your past and being at peace with it.

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