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Programs & Courses

Programs & Courses

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Complimentary eCourse

Usually the first step. 

Are you wondering if you will ever feel happy again? Free from anxiety, disturbing memories or suffering? 

This short mini course is a great way to better understand suffering and the path toward happiness.

Mind Your Mud

Take back your life.  Explore narcissistic abuse recovery, trauma, betrayal, feeling heartbroken, inner-child struggles, anxiety and situations unique to women. 

Dig into the mud and find the fertile ground of transformation. This group shines a light on your hopes, dreams and healing, drawing together a community of eclectic women guided by a Zen philosophy and psychology education.

The Dopamine Detox Program

You’ll learn how to eliminate compulsive habits that prevent you from living your best life. Sadly, many people don’t know how to manage dopamine levels in their brains so they can conquer compulsive habits. This might be you. This detox and. learning program will help you to get on track and be more productive, without feeling addictive. Here’s what to expect.

The Dopamine Primer, The 7-Day Guided Challenge, The 21-Day Zen Tips to Create Longer Lasting Success, Bonus 1, 2 & 3, A Comprehensive Mind Map for Visual Learners and Quick Reference, A Complete Checklist with a  Step-By-Step Action Plan to Ensure You Get the Full Benefits of the Dopamine Detox. and Access to Quarterly Community Zoom meetings.

Retreat | A Lotus Life Lab

Think of this hybrid course like a creative-inspired retreat for your mind and body.  

Self-Inquiry and creativity, all through the lens of Zen.

Space is very limited as this is more of an exclusive online retreat and we need the

time and space for everyone to share, express and heal. 

Now accepting registration for WINTER 2023.

  • The Suffering Audit
  • The Dream Identifier
  • The Lotus Blueprint
  • Three Zen Art Projects

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