Choose the Best Program for You

Complimentary eCourse

Usually the first step. 

Are you wondering if you will ever feel happy again? Free from anxiety, disturbing memories or suffering? 

This short mini course is a great way to better understand suffering and the path toward happiness.

A Zen Life (DIY)

A self-healing planner, 12 months of themes and self-inquiry, and three modules specific to enriching. your life; release, clarity and connection.

This is a great, economical option if you prefer self-help vs groups or if you are not quite ready to share. 

The Zen Circle Group

A combination of support group & Zen philosophy- Immerse yourself in enriching, supported self-healing. This program involves two support meetings per month, activities and access to the A Zen Life.

Need help deciding?

Retreat | A Lotus Life Lab

Think of this hybrid course like a creative-inspired retreat for your mind and body.  

Self-Inquiry and creativity, all through the lens of Zen.

Space is very limited as this is more of an exclusive online retreat and we need the

time and space for everyone to share, express and heal. 

Now accepting registration for October 2022.

  • The Suffering Audit
  • The Dream Identifier
  • The Lotus Blueprint
  • Three Zen Art Projects