Quarterly Sangha - Therapeutic Art

In the tradition of Plum Village

The next Sangha meeting will be March 20th, 6PM/Eastern.

Please have watercolors/paper if you choose to participate in the art component.

Muddy Path Sangha 

Outreach, Donations Not Necessary

Everyone is welcome to this drop-in practice in the Plum Village tradition for creativity, community and compassion.

Sessions will commence on the first day of each season, eastern time 6pm

What you'll need. 

Spring/MARCH 20, 2023 6PM Eastern: Watercolor paper, Watercolors

Summer: A magazine, paper and glue OR crayons and paper

Fall: Colored Pencils OR crayons, Paper

Winter: Calligraphy brush, ink/dark paint and paper OR watercolors and watercolor paper

This is a Special Interest Creativity Sangha

The Sangha, in modern definition, is the Buddhist community; it is the men, women and children who follow the teachings of the Buddha. The lineage will dictate the focus of the teachings. Plum Village and Breathe Sangha, focus on mindfulness.

The term, which in Sanskrit and Pāli means “collection” or “assemblage,” a group of people living together for a certain purpose, has come to have two different referents.

Special Interest: This Sangha is focused upon trauma-informed creativity as a mindfulness practice. 

The usual schedule is:

Bell, Bow, Five Mindfulness Trainings/Reading, Bell, Creativity, Sharing, Bell


  • Bell: The bell (or Tibetan Bowl) is rung to bring us to and back from breathing/mindfulness)
  • Five Mindfulness Trainings (The Buddhist path for peace) and/or a Reading from a book of THT/PV Tradition.
  • Creativity: This will be a creative expression of art.
  • Sharing: You have the opportunity to share just a short thought that surfaced during your sitting (time in Sangha)

This is not a support group,  or program/course. I am a Sangha leader under leadership of Plum Village; and this Sangha is under the umbrella of Plum Village, founded by the late Thich Nhat Hanh, and an integral foundation of my personal and professional life, therefore, you by signing up to the Sangha each week month, you will be added to the practice mailing list. 

The emails that are Sangha released will begin with MUDDY PATH SANGHA in the subject line, for filtering purposes, if need be.