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Seated Moving Meditation| Diffuse Locked Stress and Suffering
Seated Moving Meditation| Diffuse Locked Stress and Suffering

Seated Moving Meditation| Diffuse Locked Stress and Suffering

A seated moving meditation; diffuse locked stress and suffering- is a way to be rested and practice mindfulness and self-awareness as you release and dissipate physical and emotional tension.

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Seated Moving Meditation and Flexibility

Seated moving meditation combines several areas of mindfulness. We will focus on yoga today. Yoga doesn’t just keep us limber but also helps us release tension from the body and allows the body to deepen meditation. In yoga, flexibility represents a mindset of investing and changing the mind and body.

Being flexible means simply moving muscles and joints throughout their movement range. We are made to move, and being flexible is a facet we should embody, and we’ve been losing it.

Our lives are restricted and sedentary, which brings less flexibility. The more inflexible we are apt to feel aches and pains and be prone to injury. This feeling of inflexibility may also create an emotional atmosphere of unwell and unrest. Seated moving meditation is opportune for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Seated Moving Meditation and Breathing

I can’t emphasize how much the importance of breath to increase flexibility and dissipate stress. In neuroscientific terms, breathing can be connected to our conscious mind and the autonomic brain system. The ability to breathe with intention is an essential tool. Pranayama, also known as breath control, is the fourth limb of yoga. This is the simplest way of learning to master prana(energy/life force) and its flow within the body through the mind and body.

Moving energy helps to dissipate or release stress.

Know your body and unlock stress and suffering

Suppose you can identify the reason for tightness in your body or overwhelm your mind. In that case, you can more readily avoid injuries. When you know that any discomfort you feel can indicate danger or a hint that you have just entered new territory, you can decide between backing out or pushing to avoid injury. When you embark on seated moving meditation, you will notice that stretching can be self-awareness-inducing as well as relaxing.

Part of the purpose of Zen Buddhist teachings is to help you be mindful and be more self-aware. This includes awareness of your body; listening to your body.

Links & Sponsors

This is my exact yoga mat and blocks– and I use a Mexican blanket. The Mexican blanket is also because if you enjoy yoga on a warm day, you can unfold the blanket onto your mat (it won’t slide like other blankets might) and spritz it with water to create a cool mat & more grip. I use an essential oil blend on my water. Keeping it dry, it serves as a bolster for support or other aid to your practice.


2:30 Tension we may not recognize

3:30 Why some yoga practices fail

4:00 Movement and mindset

5:00 Transforming body-mindset

6:00 Practice prep

7:00 Heart center intention

11:00 Be a banana

22:00 Intentional vs Indifferent

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