The results of your quiz

In the beginning of the quiz, I mentioned that most people will resonate with almost all of the possible responses but that I wanted you to go with your initial response, in the moment.

What I want you to do, is look below and find your quiz result and read that first. This is the one that will probably echo to your inner-needs most. The other two responses are actually ones that you might need to work on more. They might not seem as natural for you. The key here is balance. 

To have optimal healing, you have to find meaning, be engaged and find pleasure in the process.


You are someone who enjoys goals and finds challenges exciting. You might take on more than you should at times and find yourself buried in work or volunteerism, giving yourself self-care last.

You'd do well with 1:1 sessions, and support groups if you focus on yourself rather than others. Your style of meditation is probably more movement or sound-focused, so sitting in silence might not feel as natural for you or, beneficial right now.

You would do very well with mindful walking, yoga therapy and discussion pre-post meditation.


You tend to search for meaning outside of yourself. Because of this, helping others might come second nature to you. You tend to focus on self-care and self-healing that involves others as you derive care and purpose when you hear others reflect on life and learning. 

You would do well with support groups -and in 1:1 sessions, you would thrive if you can trust yourself to open up and not overthink your responses.  Meditation for you would include silent and affirmation-based meditations.

You would do very well with writing in a journal and reading inspiring passages. 


Don't let this response fool you; pleasure seekers often carry quite a bit of sadness. You tend to crave sensations and experiences to help you feel more connected to the outside world, to yourself and to those you love. You put yourself on the radar but it always feels to you, like the compass isn't navigating you on the right path. You might feel fatigued.

You would do well with podcasts, video and blogs, and engaging in support groups as a vocal person to get your voice lifted. 1:1 sessions for you might include Zen art and creativity-based strategies.

You would do well with art journals, guided relaxation meditations and reading inspiring words.

Now what?

I am a firm believer in taking things slowly, with no-to-low risk. 

  • I encourage you to check out my podcast and blog, and also, take the short course, "Happy Again" - all of which are free for you. 
  • If you'd like to work together further, I offer an online program, The Lotus Life Lab, that is DIY but does go live 2x a year. Anyone enrolled in the program will be invited to the live meetings when they occur, you but you don't. have to wait to begin.
  • Want something more interactive? I have a beautiful, privacy-based support group that meets on Zoom and through email, that you can drop in on whenever you can, to get real-time connection, inspiration and guidance. Lastly, I offer (very few- only two half-days per week) 1:1 sessions, that give you completely private time with me, to discuss your innermost concerns, and together we find solutions.
  • For anyone in any program, including the free Happy Again program, I offer free Wednesday Virtual Office hours where you can ask me questions you might have as you unearth your healing. You are never alone.

Have Questions? Contact Me.