Messy Breakups. Betrayal.

Narcissistic Ex's.Trauma Bonds.

Is it time to stop crying & begin living again?

You deserve to heal, live & Love Again.

I know you are suffering and I realize that you feel an indescribable constant heartbreak and a gaping void. You are craving the relationship yet you know it was not good for you.

Workbook & Program

What You Will Receive:




  • Workbook-You will get instant access to a downloadable 40-page workbook with insight, strategies and activities.
  • A Year of Support-Every month you will get a downloadable worksheet to help you stay resilient and empowered as you move on.
  • Never Alone-During the year I send updates and prompts. You will never feel alone.

The workbook and year of support is a one-time fee of just $27 $9

Program Overview

This is a one year self-help program touchstone support


My break free method helps give you insight and proven activities to help you break through the bond. You'll explore mindset shifts and "aha" moments.

Monthly Touchstones

It's too easy to fall back into the manipulation of a boomerang narcissist or toxic person; these touchstones will help you to stay resilient.

Inner Peace

This program is the only program not focused on "trashing" and rehashing, keeping you bitter and hurt. This is about developing inner-peace and living in joyfulness.

Every Day that You Wait, is Another Day of Suffering.