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The Top 10 Benefits of Meditation
The Top 10 Benefits of Meditation

The Top 10 Benefits of Meditation

What are the top 10 benefits of meditation?

There are numerous benefits to meditation but I compiled the top ten benefits that you may or may not know, and it doesn’t have to be long sessions but just meditating ten minutes a day.

You can experience the benefits of meditation in just ten minutes a day.

– Michele Paiva, PhD

1. Increasing relaxation

Meditation increases relaxation progressively. While there might be setbacks due to life circumstances or emotional resilience, there is often a cumulative response to meditation. The relaxation might increase interpersonal relationship desire for intimacy as well.

2. Emotionally balanced

When we meditate we become more balanced. Life becomes less about extremes and more about enjoying the process of life rather than the results of the processes. When we are more balanced our relationships with others and with ourselves often feel more gentle and nurturing.

3. Ability to increase focus and attention

One of the benefits of meditation that is well documented is that we can increase focus and attention because we are not living in reactions but intentions.

4. Reduces the pain

A benefit of meditation is that it allows us to feel better; studies show that even short-term meditation can reduce the experience of pain in most people.

5. Less anxiety

Releasing anxiety is a byproduct of meditation. Most people who meditate can feel their anxiety lowering in the session, or directly afterward. Many people state that meditation is a way they prevent anxiety from surfacing at all.

Increase creative potential

The benefits of meditation for your creative spirit are strong; imagine your mind like an old radio with no reception. The fuzzy background is your anxiety, conflict, depression, and stress. The meditation is like that perfect spot on the dial of the radio where everything gets clear. Creativity sparks here.

Depression decreased

One of the most releasing benefits of meditation is the decrease of depression. I can’t tell you how many clients have shared this with me. They enjoy being able to feel energized and vital, after meditation and in having an ongoing meditation practice.

Increasing memory

One of the most common benefits of meditation is increased memory, again because the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm begin to release.

Increased resilience

The least discussed but one of the most common benefits of meditation is that one builds resilience; the ability to handle what life throws at them, life circumstances both planned and unplanned, including crises.

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