Kick Bad Habits & Reset Your Mind

What You'll Receive

Dopamine Primer

What dopamine is and how the safe detox works.

A 7-Day Challenge

Reset your your mind and take back your power.

21 Days of Zen Tips

An additional 21 days of tips & Insight to help you make lasting changes.

Mind Map

Visual learners will enjoy the quick-glance reference to more readily absorb the path and details of the course.


A step-by-step action plan to ensure you get the full benefits of the program.

Zoom Meetings

Quarterly meetings offered only to the community; in these meetings you can ask questions and dive deep.

When you sign up to this course,  you’ll learn how to create your own dopamine detox successfully.

You’ll learn how to eliminate compulsive habits that prevent you from living your best life.

You’ll also learn how to take ownership of your life.

Sadly, many people don’t know how to manage dopamine levels in their brains so they can conquer compulsive habits.

  •  Fortunately, there are some Zen and science-backed mindsets and practices that can make it easy for you to boost and balance your dopamine levels for increased motivation.
  • Those who have adopted these practices have learned how to regulate the levels of neurotransmitters to promote peak performance.
  •  Break the shackles of some addictions and overcome other compulsive behaviors.
  • You don’t have to deal with the negative consequences of too much or too low dopamine.
  •  Gain more control and manage habits and improve  focus.

This transformational practice  that blends Zen and Science, will help you balance your dopamine levels so that you can
feel more control of your life.


Bonus #1

  • Learn about the powerful chemical messenger for your happiness, motivation, and productivity.
  • 3 little-known dangers of excess dopamine. 
  • How to use dopamine fasts to kick bad habits and increase happiness.
  • 6 compulsive behaviors that are driven by dopamine.


Bonus #2

  • How dopamine affects your motivation.
  • 3 tips for a successful dopamine detox.
  • 9 simple habits that can beef up your dopamine levels.
  • 10 natural supplements that can boost your dopamine levels.


Bonus #3

  • Why taking ownership is difficult.
  • 5 areas of your life where you must take ownership.
  • 4 tips to build personal ownership.
  • How to boost your energy and stay charged.

When you register you will receive

  1. The Dopamine Primer
  2. The 7-Day Guided Challenge
  3. The 21-Day Zen Tips to Create Longer Lasting Success
  4. Bonus 1, 2 & 3
  5. A Comprehensive Mind Map for Visual Learners and Quick Reference
  6. A Complete Checklist with a  Step-By-Step Action Plan to Ensure You Get the Full Benefits of the Dopamine Detox.
  7. Access to Quarterly Community Zoom meetings.


Now that you know how Dopamine Detox can change your life for the best, you need to decide- and I know it might be hard to make a decision, because it means you will experience change and that might feel scary.

I am here for you.

You can either do nothing and perhaps experience regret, or you can join a community of supportive people so you'll never be alone on this journey. Four times a year, I offer a free outreach Zoom and you can discuss this program and your progress (or challenges) there, even months after you purchase the course. You will never be alone in this.
Take the step that will change your life  

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