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Michele Paiva
They Say…

They Say…

A few testimonials…

Perspective and Goals

“Michele helped me to see what my goal was. She put things in perspective for me in a way that changed my thinking. I am very grateful for Michele, and I recommend her 10 out of 10 times! “

Casey L Entrepreneur

Highly Recommend

“Michelle is very knowledgeable and caring. She is super focused and knows how to get to the root of the issue while offering the support needed. She also offers tons of great resources through her YouTube channel. I highly recommend her! “

Mariana Valentina George

Truly Makes You Feel Good

“Michele is one of the most upbeat people that I know. She truly makes you feel good.”

Karen Mason

Many Modalities

“Michele is a gifted therapist who uses many modalities to enhance your treatment.”

L. Johns

Respect and Trust

“I recommend Paiva Psychotherapy! I’ve known Michele for many years, and I respect her practice and trust in her to recommend her services to my clients. “

Susan S

Worked Through a Dark Time

“Michele is amazing! Not only did I receive my 200-hour yoga certification through Michele, but she also helped me through a difficult time. In 2012 I was diagnosed with PPD, and Michele really helped me talk and work through a dark time. I am grateful for all the compassion. It’s always nice to have someone who listens without judgment!”

Jessica Lupacckino Day Vibes LLC Corporate Yoga

Outstanding Therapist

“Michelle is an outstanding therapist with high levels of insight, empathy, and awareness of what a client needs in the moment. She integrates multiple disciplines of therapy. “

Dr. Rand Coleman Psychologist

Gifted & Cares

“Michele is a gifted therapist and coach who cares deeply about others. She is a generous spirit who will guide and work with you to help you to find solutions to problems and to feel whole again.”

Diane S. Writing/Marketing

Great Results

I’ve had great results doing hypnotherapy with Michele.

Deena DeMara Massage Therapist|Owner

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