Trevor Noah becomes a beacon of light in a fog in a world of sensationalism, capitalizing, and mockery as a weapon-This is such an important message.

I have not seen a celebrity discuss this situation with such compassion, that I wanted to share it.

I stated it was a crisis; it is a crisis. It is not only a personal crisis that all three (Kim, Kanye, and Pete) are going through but also their children.

This situation highlights what is happening to abused men and women throughout the world. Make no mistake, men are equally abused and harassed; this isn’t about men vs women, but abuse and harassment.

Noah not only recognizes the suffering but offers compassion to everyone in the mix; he doesn’t take sides. He shares his own story. In this, he is able to shed light on how this situation is representative of a bigger issue happening in cities and towns across the world.

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