US for couples

A Peaceful Approach & Alternative to Couples Therapy and Premarital Counseling for Relationships Seeking Enrichment.

For Dating, Engaged or Married Couples

Date Night Prompts for Happily-Ever-Afters

New Relationships

This premarital counseling alternative is meant to help couples take next steps in relationships, resolve minor issues or set a loving relationship up for success. A peaceful, Zen approach does not assume that the relationship is weak because it is newer, but rather we can look through the Buddhist concept of a "beginners mind" to celebrate the differences and learn compassionate ways of navigating your many days ahead, together.

Evolved Relationships

For mature, evolved relationships, those already in a commitment, married or not, you know that your relationship has had beautiful moments but also some suffering that might feel hard to resolve, even though you've tried.  Alternatively, you might feel that things are going well and you wish to deepen your relationship through a benevolent, kind-hearted affection that helps you reflect on the past with fondness and move forward, with a new appreciation.

Why an alternative?

Through the years, I had many clients tell me that their partner did not want to go to couples therapy or that they tried it and didn't like it. There are three key reasons why couples therapy doesn't work for many people.


Simply put, some people do not want to discuss their relationship with a third party, even a therapist, and that is completely valid.


Therapy is expensive in costly financially and in other ways such as stretching already time crunched partners, causing more stress. 

It didn't work before

They might have had bad experiences in the past, with a therapist, "trainer" or a member of the clergy and don't want to go through the let-down, again.


US for couples


No extra eyeballs on you while you dig into potentially vulnerable emotions.


Accessible to most couples; it is the cost one traditional therapy session.


 Take as long as you need and take breaks; do what supports you.

No "3rd Wheel"

Without a third person in the room, it's really about just you and your partner.

No "taking sides"

US eliminates that potential feeling of being judged.


When you want, where you want. Great even for distance couples.


Created to be comfortable- not high-pressure session; safe and cozy.


Explore how you want; do all of the sections within a session or a few.

Restore trust

Designed to nurture trust and encourages healing and restore trust.

Deeper Understanding

Explore your partners dreams, goals and motivations.

Clear the murky waters

Experience deeper clarity and sense of unity as a couple.

Be Love

Bring the practice of love into action, beyond our sessions.

How it Works

Step 1- How to begin

Sign up! Once you sign up you will get an immediate US for Couples primer mini session, because usually when someone - or a couple- sign up, they want something to look forward to immediately. 

Step 2- What is the schedule?

Over the next twelve weeks you will get a weekly US session, in a private portal, with instructions. It is up to you if you opt to explore them weekly or if you'd like to set up your own schedule. This is something to decide as a couple. More on that in the primer.

Step 3-What to expect in sessions?

Expect each session to include an organized set of activities that are easy and customizable to your desires. Check below in the box, "session outlines".

Step 4 -What next?

After your twelve-week sessions, you will be able to fill out another form for feedback, to explore potential next steps- but this is often the end of the journey! That said, you will get one year of weekly US-emails that are designed to be brief touchstones that help you remind yourselves to reconnect, with ideas to do so. 


The purpose of each session is to support a stronger relationship that encourages healing, intimacy, friendship and joy. Most programs seems like a chore, and skip some important components such as intimacy and playfulness.

This program is developed through years of working with people in conflict and healing, thriving and love.

Each session includes eight facets, all of which are encouraged but optional.

Mindful Warm Up

A grounding warm up to help you both switch gears and begin the session.

Dharma Dive

Dharma means teachings. This is a short lesson serving to bridge, prevent or initiate healing in conflict.

Query 1

This is a question or conversation starter, related to the Dharma.

Query 2

This is a question or conversation starter related to each individual.

Query 3

This is an exploratory question related to the couple.

Date Night Activity

This is a stay-at-home lighthearted activity meant to promote joy and lightness.

Metta Moment

Metta means loving kindness, and this is designed to promote intimacy, sparked from safety and trust.

Mindful Close

End your session with a short mindful close that may include an optional audio meditation.

US, ongoing

Twelve weeks is not much time; there's so much to explore. While other programs might leave you hanging or are costly, after US for Couples, you will have- at no additional feeone year of weekly support , after your 12-week session concludes, to continue loving intentionally.

Here are the three main areas you should expect in your inbox.

  1. 1
    Healing - this might look like couple inquiry and conversation starters for healing conflict, building trust and managing emotions.
  2. 2
    Peace- this might look like sharing meditations, breathing exercises or intimacy builders.
  3. 3
    Play - this might look like date night ideas at home (or nearby) with little to no cost attached, but always with a focus on friendship and love in action.

What you get

The US for Couples program is designed to support your relationship long-term

The Main US for Couples Program

A 12-week on-demand program that within each session, offers; a mindful couples warmup, guided couple-connection conversations, a date-night idea, a mindful close.

A year of Love Memos

Love memos are short weekly tips and ideas to nurture your relationship. These begin after your 12-week US session.

Discount on the support group 

Sometimes you want to interact with others or with me; I offer anyone in this program a 50% discount on the support group to both partners.

The Weekly DoSE of Zen 

This contains prompts, self-inquiry, meditations or news to support your personal growth. This begins the week you sign up.

Disclaimer -While this program may support a variety of relationships, this program is not for couples in high conflict, potential abuse or danger, and this is not a substitute for 1:1 psychotherapy, this is an alternative approach.