Winter Archetypes

Archetype are symbols that might be solitary or patterned in ones life; they might be fantasy or stem from a truth. Buddha is a fundamental archetype that symbolizes the flow of free thought and intentional mindfulness with complete peace. We also know that Buddha represents awareness of suffering and non attachment. 

When you recognize an archetype within you, the archetype ceases to direct you; you direct it. 

Within Zen Buddhism, symbolism represents key values and also offers an intentional protection, rooted in mindfulness and awareness. In trauma recovery or stress reduction, symbols can be cathartic ways in which we can gently, safety heal.

Each of these three archetypes are positive, empowered and beautiful symbols. There is no "wrong" archetype, and we are usually a bit of all three, depending on our experiences and time of our lives.

Your Archetypes

The Swirling Blizzard 

You are a celebratory ball of energy. You enjoy decorating and gift giving. Be it Christmas, Hanukkah or other winter holiday, you have the lights up and food on the stove, usually cooking for a crowd. You sing along to both traditional and modern holiday music.

Beneath that festive persona, you are sentimental at heart and might cling to the past. You feel a sense of let-down after your holiday season comes to an end. There is a quietness that you want to fill.

The Quiet Snowfall

You embrace the season but see it more from a nature space. You decorate with pinecones or garland, if at all. You tend to prefer a minimalist or sparse decor; you are reflective. You enjoy quiet evenings with a hot cup of tea or chocolate. Mornings you enjoy meditations, birdwatching or just taking in the sunrise. 

Your glide through the holidays with ease, reflecting on the past and feeling a sense of gratitude, but something you are troubled by the deep loss of the past. 

The Sparkling Icicle

You are seen as "put together" even if you spend most days in sweatshirt and jeans.. You might be intimidating to others without realizing it. The winter season is one in which you protect yourself as life hasn't always been easy; yet you embrace all that the season offers.  In spite of your exterior persona , you reminisce and embrace all things beauty when it comes to the holidays and winter.

How to Balance This Winter

The archetypes are written in order. 

If you are Blizzard, try to adopt more of the Snowfall energy.

If you are Snowfall, adopt more of the Icicle energy.

If you are Icicle, adopt more of the Blizzard energy.

These three symbols all work well with each other. Again, these all could resonate with you and all of them are beautiful and valid.

Meditations you might enjoy-

The Swirling Blizzard

The Quiet Snow

The Sparkling Icicle