Winter Retreat Activity

For the next 24 hours, I’d like you to explore the following.

  1. Become more aware of your breath as you go through your day. As there is a mindfulness bell to bring you back to awareness, you can set your watch or a clock to alarm (gently) every hour. You might want to set it up only three times if your schedule does not allow hourly reminders.
  2. On the hour, reflect if you’ve been mindful of breathing or, in that present moment, touch base with your emotion-body-mind congruence.
  3. Now, be aware of what you are feeling. Are there layers of emotions?
  4. What processes contributed to how you felt and were breathing?
  5. What did you learn today about yourself and the world around you? How did this awareness and learning help you grow as a person?
Standing Buddha

This Buddha representation looks cloaked in a traditional and simple robe with a serene quality. For me, there seems to be both an inner calm and an empowered, confident stance. The lines draping are bringing me the symbolic awareness that all is fluid in our lives.

Take a few moments and reflect on how this artwork speaks to you.

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