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Group sessions

Group sessions are HIPAA-compliant chat on my patient portal.

remote sessions

All of my sessions are currently remote with options for HIPAA video, HIPAA Chat, and telephone. 

Services Provided

Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy and coaching for stressed individuals who are looking to break unhealthy habits, improve self-acceptance, overcome anxiety and depression, and create a more meaningful, positive life.

You can heal.

Couples Therapy

I assist couples by providing individual therapy to help couples release the past, fall in love again, and deepen their relationships.   

Areas that couples traditionally seek therapy for include sexuality struggles, betrayal, “growing apart” and lack of intimacy.

Family Therapy

A family might seek therapy if they have a child that is struggling in school, having challenges with friendships, self-harm, or self-sabotaging behaviors. Sometimes there is a family dynamic like a family member being unwell or passing away or other stressful events that need to be prioritized.

Treatment Specialties


Anxiety feels like you are watching life happen but you feel slightly removed, too afraid to enjoy it. It can feel debilitating and downright scary. At best, it's controlling. We can unwind the springs that caused the initial anxiety and smooth the knots of symptoms.


You might not realize you have depression. It might feel like you just can't get motivated to work out or it might look like you are lazy to the outside world. It's like living in a fog and you feel exhausted trying to keep up.


We forget that relationships are two different people, coming to the table with their own backgrounds, silent challenges, and dynamics that actually can change daily. You deserve love, to be respected, and to be treasured as a sovereign being.

Integrative Wellness

Unhealthy habits, coping strategies that no longer serve your purpose, and self-sabotage from experiences of trauma or abuse might be something you are ready to release. For instance, an integrative wellness approach says that your problem is not that you haven't found the right diet, but that you haven't released the pain that caused the weight gain and dynamic that led you to seek a diet. We work with your whole being to improve the quality of your life and help you love who you see in the mirror.

Parenting Therapy

Children do not come with instruction manuals nor should they; each child is unique and parenting can be tough. Most parenting issues are actually that the parents or extended family each have their idea of what "right" is. Parenting therapy helps bring a mediation approach that everyone can agree upon with the ultimate goal of doing what is best for the child.

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss are often given an arbitrary timeline in our society, with the expectation that after you muddle through the timeframe, you are suddenly "over" your loss. Take back your power to grieve and let's work through what grieving looks like for you. personally and how to honor your process and build new strategies to help you on your journey.

common questions

Unlike talking to a friend, therapy works by having an unbiased, skilled and experienced view from a therapist who is dedicated and trained to serving the client by creating solutions to situations, experiences and feelings that might not serve you purpose and are causing you distress. 

Sessions online are a base of 30 minutes, sometimes longer.

Because my client portal offers in-between session mail, progress notes  and journaling, we are able to address concerns quickly without dragging the clients time (and pain) out.

That being said, we do not rush; if more time is needed, we take the time. 

Group sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes. 

I do not take insurance as I do not allow an insurance company to dictate or limit our time together, what treatment modalities  we agree upon and, your confidentiality rights. 

Offering insurance would also mean that I would have to inflate my fees to accommodate their partial coverage to the therapist and have to take a copay to ensure I got paid “something” if they did not cover. The inflated fee would also have to cover the paperwork needed to bill insurance. 

Let me first preface with my philosophy that the purpose of therapy is to not “need” therapy.

There is no easy answer to this question as your goals and what you come with, ie, are you coming with years of trauma or anxiety or looking to simply get strategies to get a raise at work… all factor. 

Generally, sessions are every week or every other week.

In time, for longer term clients, we drop to monthly sessions.

“Once a client, always a client” is another philosophy of mine.While you may not “need” therapy you might “desire” therapy seeing its benefits;  and you are always able to transition to the journaling program or monthly calibration sessions. 

We can discuss and develop a plan right for your needs, desires and one that will fit your budget.

Our private sessions are 100% confidential.

My practice is a HIPAA -compliant practice. Any examples or illustrative stories are altered.

Group sessions of course, are through the trust system, and you share what you are comfortable with sharing.

Scheduling begins with a consult to ensure that we are a good fit and that I have space in my schedule. 

Please follow the consultation link in the menu.

The cost of therapy fluctuates based on the session commitment, and the type of sessions you desire.

For instance, a 1:1 session can run between $45-$220.

The Journal Program is less than $20 a month, and the COVID Clinic is free.

Our consultation will provide us with an initial intake and I will email you the proposed session design and fee options.

Often overlooked, you need to make sure the therapist is a fit for you, your partner or your child. This is why a consult is always a good idea if you are working 1:1 or even in a free capacity.

You want the personality, philosophy and cadence of the communication to not be something that distressingly surprises you. 

You also want to make sure that the therapist has a background in your ultimate goals and offers time slots that fit your schedule.

As I touched upon in the question regarding cost, the sessions you will need really depend upon how you meet your own goals and how often you can commit to working between session, on strategies that we discuss. 

It is personal for every client and not an easy answer.

For most people, a pressing issue can be as little as three sessions, while a trauma might be six months. An adult with mild autism or PTSD might require a few years to navigate triggers and strategies together. 

The consult and progress reports help to define timelines more personally.

My office is located in Chester County, PA and I work remotely in my private, home office.

My office is zoned and has a private entrance, emergency exits, powder room and private parking; it serves for years as a face to face office until COVID, and will return to a partial face to face office after the pandemic is managed.

Working remotely is not new to me as I have provided distance services for years; you will always have the option to work distance with me, even after the pandemic.

I have a HIPAA-compliant office and our sessions are private meaning, your identity and what you share are private.

Once a client, you are encouraged to use the portal mail for any communication to keep this  confidentiality safe.

I am required by law, as a licensed therapist, to keep confidentiality. 

It is suggested that you request a consultation appointment to see if we are a fit and to decide on a plan of action. 

You may click any of the “request an appointment” buttons or the consultation link in the menu.