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Safe, Flexible & Budget-Friendly Options

Confidential Journal Therapy Group

From my office to your couch. Get to know yourself more deeply, allowing natural healing to surface. ($9 a month)

Best for:

Budget-conscious, creative healing
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Loss can be debilitating

You are not alone. 9 Days of email prompts and support to cope with loss. ( $9 )

Best for:

Coping with loss, grief, and sadness.
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(4) sessions +

An intensive program with weekly connection, in-between session support, emergency texting, and patient portal. ($369)

Best for:

Relationships, Anxiety, Stress, Conflict
(my only 1:1 offering)

COVID Trauma Healing Book & Course

51 page Book, 21-day eCourse to help you navigate the stress of the pandemic. ( $27) *also get certified*

Best for:

The emotional struggle during the pandemic.
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Single Session

Only need one session? In response to the pandemic, my fee of 180 is reduced to 108.

Returning Clients

After an intensive, returning clients should use this link for the discounted fee.


I "get you".

I am a survivor of anxiety and trauma, so while we haven’t had the same experiences, we’ve been on a similar journey. I understand pain professionally as well as personally.

Why My Programs

Help you heal
& help you to get
the life you deserve


I offer a HIPAA-compliant patient portal, flex hours, varied options and, I'm a call, video, or email away. You're not alone.


I am able to offer many free and low-fee programs, as outreach as a response to the pandemic. Life is stressful, your support should not be.


I bring 30+ years of experience and expertise in the areas of wellness, trauma and fiscal recovery. Let's explore your options.

Not sure which is right for you?