Working with me

Some things to know if considering seeing if we are a fit.

Who is not a fit

-And Who IS a fit.

Let's begin with who is not a good fit. Those who feel Zen is against their belief systems or who are looking for traditional therapy, are not a great fit for my style of sessions. If you get triggered by (infrequent) colorful language, this is not a fit.

Zen "Curious"

If you are interested in the secular aspects of Zen as a healing vehicle, while holding space for your beliefs and rituals, this is a great fit.

Mentorship "Woke"

If the (often broken) system of traditional therapy is not your desire right now, and you would rather work under the realm of mentorship to focus on empowering self-healing strategies,  this is a fit. 


My clients work with me in  economical groups, programs, immersions and sometimes, 1:1 sessions; sometimes all of the above. If you are interested in exploring layers of healing, this is a fit.

About me.

Initiated by the Dalai Lama, holding leadership with the late Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village; I am a licensed therapist and trauma survivor.

Michele Paiva

Licensed Therapist and Zen Mentor

You can learn more about me on the home page but to give you a brief overview, I am a licensed therapist who is trauma-informed and Zen-inspired; my practice is unique in that while I hold space for spiritual elements, it is a secular practice.  

The programs and groups, while inclusive, are through the lens of a feminine experience socially, emotionally and physiologically. 

The Sangha is inclusive and through the lens of a more spiritual Zen practice.

1:1 sessions are 100% customized to the client. 

Benefits of working with me

My practice is very organized yet holds space for creativity. Here are four benefits that most clients remark that they appreciate. 


Phone &  Zoom (video) sessions for safety and convenience.


All clients have weekly "Doses of Zen" in addition to their sessions or groups. These are delivered to your inbox weekly..


My clients schedule themselves in my calendar at their convenience from their phone or computer. My current availability is Thursday, Friday and Saturdays for 1:1 sessions.


I have 30+ years experience, and draw from a myriad of modalities and strategies. 

1:1 sessions are purchased in packages of (3) for new clients, or 10, 20 or 50 (weekly).

Groups and programs are varied in pricing.

The 20-minute consultation is complimentary.

If you would like to work with me 1:1, before you schedule it is implied that you agree to the following policy page 

(some of which, may or may not pertain to our work together)

Does this sound like we are a fit? Schedule a consultation call to explore options.

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