Working with me

Some things to know if considering seeing if we are a fit.

Are we a fit?

Let's begin with who is not a good fit. Those who are looking for traditional therapy, are not a great fit for my style of sessions. 

Who is a fit? They are Zen aware or curious, fed up with the current system of therapy and those who wish to have a multi-faceted approach.

My policy page is here.

Who is a fit?

Zen Aware or Curious

If you are interested in the secular aspects of Zen as a healing vehicle, while holding space for your beliefs and rituals, this is a great fit.

Fed up with Therapy 

If the (often broken) system of traditional therapy is not your desire right now, and you would rather work under the realm of mentorship to focus on empowering self-healing strategies,  this is a fit. 


My clients work with me in layers with my free podcasts/posts, support groups, programs, immersions and sometimes, 1:1 sessions; sometimes all of the above. If you are interested in exploring layers of healing, this is a fit.