Zen Emergency Kit

Here are your three discussions; you can break them up immediately or over the course of three days or three weeks. A good idea is to take notes during the sessions and then journal after you've had time to think about the topics discussed and ideas presented. Enjoy! Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.

I have given you both Apple and Spotify choices. 

There may be commercials in the beginning; I have no way fo editing those out.


Module 1: Ending Suffering In Everyday Life

From body image, dieting, and relationships to online drama, climate issues, polarized groups, and war, we are caught up in the suffering; how do we end this suffering or alleviate it? Let's look at how to manage the Third Noble Truth, Ending Suffering, right now.


1.Do you have memories of being celebrated for being yourself or were you criticized? 

2. What is inner-peace to you? 

3. What part of this discussion resonated most with you?


Module 2: Letting Go/Reducing Conflict

The Second Noble Path offers insight into why we struggle with letting go of relationships, habits and so much more. This Zen Buddhist Psychological approach to release may be supportive to your sense of freedom.


1. What habit has been holding. you back?

2. Have you been more pleasure-seeking in life or displeasure-pushing?

3. How would you define your own Nirvana? What do you need to get there?


Module 3: Courage for Difficult Conversations While Standing In Your Truth.

Embracing difficult conversations is a necessity in life but often quite uncomfortable. The strength in approaching these conversations comes from inner strength and courage. This lesson is a combination of meditation and exploratory discussion.
A zen approach to difficult conversations can help you to step into your passion and truth, with dignity and a sense of purpose.


1. Are you accepted for who you are even in disagreement, from your closer circle?

2. What did the five-year-old you enjoy? 

3. Can you reflect back and see where you might have been navigating life through the lens of trauma, neglect, sadness or anger?

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Overcoming Suffering PDF

You might be interested in the Overcoming Suffering PDF and Info-page. This dives into the three roots of suffering.