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Kindle, Paperback or Keepsake Hardcover

Created by a Therapist

When a person is in conflict, crisis, stress or trauma; it is incredibly challenging for them to keep track of their struggles and recognize the celebrations.

I've seen many sessions where the client excelled once they had more clarity. This planner is created from experience; insight from within the therapy room, knowing what works ---and what often did not.

The Difference

It used to be that your self-healing took place with a therapist or a self-help book, maybe by watching a few Oprah episodes.

There was no rhyme or reason, just great ideas that you might have forgotten about within hours or days, and no way to keep track, remind, assess or work on the nuances that changed week-to-week or month-to-month.

Now with podcasts, articles, blogs, therapy, support groups, and self-help all within reach, it can be more helpful but more overwhelming.

This planner helps you to keep track of what inspired you and why, and to bring organization to your self-healing journey.


Here are the most common questions about the planner and the weekly Zen.


Do I have to be Buddhist?

No! This planner is for anyone who wants to begin or deepen a meditation or mindfulness practice.

Is this only for trauma or crisis?

No. While this is helpful for anyone in suffering, this also is to help someone who is content or happy to deepen their life experience.

Will this work for beginners?

This is a great planner for beginners because it helps a beginner to break down the steps for self-healing using strategies I have used in the therapy room that have worked for countless clients through the years.

Will I benefit if I am experienced?

The experienced self-healer will find this to be a welcomed breakdown of the healing process and they will find that not only might they deepen their experience but also branch out with specific life themes.

Do I need to sign up for the free weekly Zen?

No, you can enjoy this planner on its own curated from podcasts, books and other insights you've gathered or you are welcome to sign up anytime to the weekly Dose of Zen. The weekly Zen is automatically sent to all clients and community by default. 

Is the weekly Zen really free?

Yes, it is my weekly email to the community and I encourage feedback. I hold "Virtual office hours" on Wednesdays, where I return email inquiries about the previous week's Zen.

Will this work with your Sangha?

Yes! The Sangha has a monthly theme and you can use this in your Zen Self-Healing Planner

Is this compatible with your other programs?

Absolutely. The planner is built for you to curate and design a customized program. This includes any offerings I share and you are always welcome to email me to ask questions.

Choose Your Zen

Kindle, Paperback or Keepsake Hardcover